Aratome offers a range of Array Tomography supplies and services. We can help with any part of a project including, but not limited to, embedding, ultra thin sectioning, fluorescence and electron microscopy imaging, or data reconstruction. Aratome also sells coverslips optimized for Array Tomography. We can also supply ready-cut arrays of mouse cortex for testing. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Coverslips for Array TomographyHigh-Performance Coated Glass Coverslips

Aratome coverslips are engineered for maximum Array Tomography performance, holding tissue sections flat for reliable autofocus, retaining them through multiple staining cycles, and providing optimal and consistent optical properties. Although high NA objectives specify #1.5 (170 µm) coverslips for maximum performance, standard #1.5 coverslips span a large thickness range (170 µm ± 20 µm), causing as much as a two-fold resolution loss. To ensure maximum and consistent imaging resolution, Aratome provides coverslips with a much tighter thickness tolerance of 170 µm ± 5 µm. Furthermore, our 65 x 25 mm coverslips are chemically cleaned, treated with a proprietary layer and then carbon-coated under high vacuum to tightly adhere sections to the coverslip surface through multiple stain, de-stain, and imaging cycles.

Fixation and Embedding for Array TomographySample Fixation and Embedding

We have validated protocols for fixation, dehydration and embedding of a number of tissues, including those expressing fluorescent proteins. Fixation protocols are amenable to overnight shipping, allowing, for example, customers to harvest and fix tissues, then ship overnight to us for further processing and embedding. Final tissue pieces should be less than one millimeter in at least one dimension.

Array Tomography Ultrathin SectionsArrays of Ultrathin Sections from Your Blocks

Aratome provides block trimming and sectioning services. We can trim your blocks or cut previously faced blocks. We can cut serial sections down to 50 nm by diamond knife in arrays up to approximately 60 sections long, depending on block face dimensions. Thicker sections, shorter arrays, or other variations are possible as well.  Aratome can provide arrays of sections from mouse cortex for initial testing. Please contact us for availability of other regions.

Multicolor Staining for Array TomographyArray Tomography Fluorescence ImagingStaining and Imaging

Aratome can provide immunohistochemistry and imaging services for Aratome or customer-provided arrays, including stripping and restainnig through multiple cycles. Imaging can include point-spread function measurement for image deconvolution.


Array Tomography Merge, Stitch, and AlignArray Tomography AnalysisImage Reconstruction, Analysis, and Storage

Image processing includes stitching and alignment to build 3D volumes. We can also build custom analysis routines, and provide a variety of data storage and access solutions, including storage on our servers, cloud storage, or mail delivery of disk drives.


Correlated Light and Electron Microscopy for Array TomographyCorrelated Light and Electron Microscopy

Aratome can provide correlated electron and light microscopy services when detailed ultrastructure is required in addition to proteomic localization. After completing epifluorescence imaging cycles, samples can be prepared for field-emission scanning electron microscopy, which produces images similar to conventional transmission EM. Immuno-electron microscopy is also available.

Antibody Validation Services

Although Aratome maintains a list of validated antibodies for a variety of targets, we can develop a testing plan for new customer targets.