Aratome, LLC is a privately-held company founded by Stephen Smith, Kristina Micheva, Jay Trautman, Jonathan Ross, and Andy Blatz to develop commercial applications for the Stanford University invention of Array Tomography.


Stephen Smith, PhD

Co-founder and SAB Chair. Professor of Molecular & Cellular Physiology (Emeritus), Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Smith is currently a Senior Investigator at the Allen Institute for Brain Science.

Kristina Micheva, PhD

Co-founder. Research Scientist, Stanford University. Co-inventor of Array Tomography.


Jay Trautman, PhD

Co-founder and CEO. Experienced pharmaceutical research, and life science instrument development, executive. VP Discovery Research & Technology at Cytokinetics; VP/CEO at SEQ/Praelux (through acquisition by Amersham); Scientist at AT&T Bell Labs.

Jonathan Ross, MBA

Co-founder and CFO. Seasoned finance professional with more than twenty years experience in entrepreneurial business management, investment underwriting, venture capital, corporate finance and business development at Convexus Advisors, Babcock & Brown, GATX Capital, Cargill Financial Services and Piper Jaffray.